03 máj: Great opal search

The first written mention of precious opal in our territory comes from 14th May 1597, when Emperor Rudolf II. of Habsburg gave permission to Albert the Great, considered the greatest thinker of the Middle Ages, to seek the rare opal throughout Historic Hungary.

03 máj: The peak of opal glory

In 1873, an important world exhibition was held in Vienna, where opal gained the attention and favour of the Emperor Franz Joseph I. He granted Adolf Ľudovít Goldschmidt a knightly order, a noble title, and the predicate von Libanka.

03 máj: Opal at the Cleopatra’s diadem

How did opal get to the city of Alexander the Great? Who inhabited the wilderness in the Slánske vrchy mountains? The successful wandering of the beautiful opal is the work of Germanic tribes and enterprising Roman merchants who never missed any opportunity to please their not less charming Egyptian queen…Dozvedieť sa viac…

03 máj: Slovak opal in the Antiquity

Opal enchanted the Greek poet Onomakritos so much that he compared it to a child’s face in his poem. It was also intensely admired by the Roman philosopher Gaius Julius Solinus, who attributed extraordinary magical effects to the mysterious stone of sixty colours. In his book Naturalis Historia, one of..Dozvedieť sa viac…