03 máj: Tough times for Dubník opal

Jozef Rumpler had devastated the deposit by spontaneous opal mining, which led to the withdrawal of the deposit and a new lease to Marek Szentiványi. After him, there was silence in the mines, as there was no candidate to apply for the lease.

03 máj: Opal skirmishes

It seems that there have been many controversies over opal mining. At the end of the 18th century, the monarch entrusted mining to the Viennese jeweller Joseph Rumpler. However, it was not long before the company Neumány took over the mines tenancy. However, this position did not long in the..Dozvedieť sa viac…

03 máj: Status report of opal deposits

In 1789, Anton Ruprecht, professor of the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica, drew up a report on the status of opal deposits. The image of the existing mining area is still preserved in it, together with period instructions and plans. In his presence, the first experimental tunnel opened in the..Dozvedieť sa viac…

03 máj: Opal giant Harlequin

In 1775, the largest opal in the world was found at the bottom of the stream in Červenica, known as Harlequin. He weighed 607 grams and was rated 700,000 Dutch guilders. Today it is deposied in the collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

03 máj: No interest in the mines

Until 1911, the State had been running the opal mines. Although there were efforts to sell them, the candidates withdrew from the contract as a result of the outbreak of the World War I.