Operational instructions

  1. Validity
  2. This operational instructions manual is for visitor of Opal Mines on Libanka mining field.
  3. Every visitor must acquaint him/herself with these instructions and follow them.
  4. Entrance into the mines is only allowed in working time and with a guide and with a valid ticket.

Main terms

For the intents and purposes of these instructions we understand that:

  • A visitor of the mines is every person who enters the mines for a cultural and educational experience
  • Cultural and educational use of the mines is every organized entrance and display of to the public accessible parts of the mining complex with the aim to learn about its natural, cultural and historic values.
  • operator is Opálové bane Libanka, s.r.o.
  • guide is a person specified by the operator who is visibly marked as a guide in a way not confusable with other visitors.

Entrance into the underground, equipment

  1. Every visitor must wear a safety helmet with an illumination device and a water resistant cloak.
  2. Every visitor enters the mine on his own risk. Every visitor must always follow the instructions of the guide.
  3. The largest allowed number of visitors in one group is 25.
  4. Children under 15 years may only enter the mine in presence of a responsible adult person.
  5. The group must stay together
  6. Every visitor understands and accepts the emergency and traumatological plan and will follow its rules. The person who purchased tickets is responsible for communicating the rules to persons he/she bought the tickets for.
  7. Personal property is carried into underground premises on the visitor’s own risk.
  8. Taking pictures and making video recording in the mine is only allowed in specific places. It may only be done with express permission of the operator.
  9. Entrance into underground is forbidden
  10. Visitors with weak health and visitor who have claustrophobia are forbidden from entering the underground mine.
  11. Entrance into the premises may be denied to persons whose entrance could violate safety and cleanliness of the mine. There is no legal right for anybody to enter the mine without permission.

Duties of visitors

  1. Visitors are required to acquaint themselves with these rules and follow them and the instructions of their guide.
  2. Entering the mine is only possible with the attendance of a guide on specified route.
  3. Visitors must not:
  4. Enter the mine with dogs or other animals, with baggage exceeding 50 x 35 x 25 cm or under the influence of alcohol or other substances with similar effect
  5. Touch, damage or destroy the exhibition
  6. Damage supports and the mine itself
  7. Collect minerals
  8. Dispose of garbage, smoke or otherwise contaminate the mine and its surroundings
  9. Eat or drink in the mine
  10. Disturb the other visitors or the guide’s presentation
  11. Touch electrical installation
  12. Damage equipment
  13. Blind other visitors using their headlamps or wander off the walkway
  1. Enter tunnels outside the marked visitor area, delay the other visitors
  2. If a visitor inflicts an injury on him/herself he/she must immediately tell the guide
  3. Every visitor is obligated to pay for any damage to the mine or to other visitors he/she did during his/her stay

Duties of the operator

  1. The operator is obligated to equip visitors with protective equipment as stated in these rules
  2. Only allowing visitors into the mine if sufficient ventilation can be guaranteed.
  3. The operator is responsible for the safety of the mine and must not allow entrance if it is not safe.
  4. If a visitor has any health related difficulties the guide must immediately end the exhibit and take the entire group out.
  5. If the health or lives of the entire group are endangered the guide is obligated to take the entire group out if possible.

Final word

If a visitor does not follow the instructions of his/her guide, the guide will immediately end the exhibit. In this case the operator does not vouch for any damages other visitors may suffer.